Monday, February 6, 2017

Price Calculator

We added a nice little feature to our request information page. It will calculate and display the total price for a class. It automatically takes into account the appropriate discount level based on the number of students. Our clients often want to know the price for a group class. This should help them quickly get a rough estimate of what their price would be.

It was programmed by our new web development firm ChawTech Solutions. We have been very pleased with their work. At this time we are mainly having them work on behind-the-scenes PHP/MySQL scripting. Most of the course content for our web site is stored in a MySQL database and retrieved via PHP. ChawTech is helping us expand the modules that we use to create, update and display course content. Once complete the catalog pages will be automatically generated just as the course description pages are now.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Training Room

We moved our training room into a new suite (B-4) last week. We are back in the "B" suite where we were a few years back, but in a larger room. There is plenty of room both for our 4 desktop computers and the conference table with laptops. The server closet and office is attached with a door between the training room and the office.

This time we are going to have the projector ceiling mounted and all computer cabling hidden via cable runs or under table mounts. Coupled with our use of wireless keyboards and mice this should make the environment much less cluttered. With the extra room we also plan to add two more desktop computers. It would be nice if they were Mac's (or maybe one Mac, one Linux) but no promises.