Friday, April 7, 2017

Changing Timescale in Project Libre

We are going to develop a new Project course based on the open source Project Libre. As with Python we did not find any suitable courseware manuals so we are developing our own. I downloaded Libre the other day and opened up one of our little Microsoft Project exercise files. As advertised it opened perfectly in Project Libre. Right away I noticed little differences: no auto-schedule/manual schedule, no dropdowns for duration, no question mark in the duration column, etc. The one that that was a little annoying was the lack of an obvious way to change the timescale in the Gantt chart. After a little searching on the internet I found one way is to use the zoom in and out commands on the resource tab. By the way, notice I said tab. Project Libre uses the same now familiar Icon Bar user interface that Microsoft Office uses. Below is a screenshot for changing the timescale.

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