Sunday, April 2, 2017

Loops in Java and Python

Below are the basic looping statements in Java and Python. Java has three: while, do...while and for, Python has two: while and for. But not do...while, although there are ways to accomplish the same thing. Also Python has an interesting approach to the for statement, sometimes called a for each. It iterates over a sequence selecting each element in turn. In the example below if counter is 15 it will iterate over i from 1 through 15.

   for i in range(1,counter+1):
      sum = sum + i;

On another note I decided I would I put the code for the Python scripts in a function and then called the function. This is more similar to Java which requires the existence of a class with a main() method. See the example below. It basically checks to see if the script being run is the main program, not an import.

def Loops():
   counter = 10
   i = 1
   while i <= counter:
      print("i = {}".format(i))
      i = i + 1

if __name__ == "__main__":


Click on the image below to see the code for the various loops.

 View loops in Java and Python

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