Saturday, April 8, 2017

Python Course Development

As some of you know we are developing an Introduction to Programming with Python course. It will more or less parallel our similar class based on Java. Below is the outline as we have it so far. We just finished topic 3A and will be starting 3B shortly. Our first version is being built using Python 3.5.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Programming

Topic 1A: Overview of Programming
Topic 1B: Introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle

Lesson 2: Creating Simple Programs

Topic 2A: Work with Variables
Topic 2B: Work with Operators
Topic 2C: Control Program Execution
Topic 2D: Work with Lists

Lesson 3: Creating Programs Using Functions

Topic 3A: Create Functions
==>Topic 3B: Work with Built-ins

Lesson 4: Implementing the Object-Oriented Methodology

Topic 4A: Create a Class
Topic 4B: Create an Object
Topic 4C: Create a Constructor
Topic 4D: Create a Subclass

Lesson 5: Handling Programming Errors

Topic 5A: Fix Syntax Errors
Topic 5B: Fix Logical Errors
Topic 5C: Fix Runtime Errors

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